Outwoods Primary School

Reception Class of 2022


Welcome to Outwoods!  

I am delighted that your child has been offered a place at our school and will therefore be joining our Reception class in September 2022. 

Getting ready for school is a big change in a little person's life and that is why I fully anticipate and appreciate the possible anxiety you may feel around your child’s transition into Reception and start to their educational journey.  I know that you will want your child to begin school confident, happy, excited, and ready for their first day and therefore you are feeling the need to prepare them, but you are not quite sure how to and that can feel extremely stressful.  So, we want to support you with this.

There are many things that you can encourage at home to help your child's school readiness.  It is important to note that it is not crucial for your child to be able to do all of the things listed below.  We all have different strengths and develop at different rates; we will not be judging your child on these.  


School Readiness Checklist

Eating and Drinking

- Your child is able to use cutlery, including cutting their own food and feeding themselves

- Your child is able to carry a tray

- Your child is able to open a packed lunch, including wrappers/packaging


Getting dressed

- Your child is able to do buttons and zips

- Your child is able to put on shoes, cardigan/jumper and a coat 


Self Care and Independence Skills

- Your child is able to wipe their own nose

- Your child can use the toilet independently

- Your child is able to flush the toilet

- Your child can wash and dry hands

- Your child is able to recognise and look after their own belongings


Sharing and taking turns

- Your child is able to play cooperatively with others

- Your child can play turn-taking games


Speaking and Literacy

- Your child recognises their own name in print

- Your child enjoys stories and talking about the pictures in the book


Listening and Understanding

- Your child is able to sit still for short periods

- Your child is able to follow instructions

- Your child understands simple rules


Writing Skills

- Your child enjoys making marks


Counting Skills

- Your child can practise counting objects

- Your child is able to recognise some numbers


And over the summer, establish a school-friendly bedtime routine.


We are delighted that you have chosen to start your child's school journey with us at Outwoods.  Starting school is a very special time for you and your child and a time when very precious memories are made. 

We look forward to welcoming you and your child into our Outwoods family in September.