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Reading for Pleasure - Year 1


Year 1 is a delightful year group with which to share books and at the moment there is a brilliant range of engaging books available for this age. Often at the ages of 5 and 6, children are learning to read short texts independently, while still relying on strong visual elements. Many Y1 children treasure story times when adults read aloud, and shared reading experiences remain an important part of language and literacy development both in the classroom and at home. Children at this age often love handling books, and make a bee-line for texts that offer engaging illustrations, interactive elements or memorable characters. Children in Year 1 are increasingly able to identify themes of interest and empathise with characters in familiar settings. Many 5-6 year olds begin to be able to sustain attention for longer stories that take place over a number of sittings, making early chapter books an appealing option for story time. 


For this reading list, the Books for Topics team have carefully selected a balance of different types of books for reading for pleasure in Year 1. Some of the stories in our collection feature larger-than-life characters that will cause a giggle, like the robot with no bottom in No-Bot or the intelligent baby who is selected for space travel in Baby BrainsAnimal characters feature heavily in the collection too, with some given delightful personalities like the hilarious duo in very popular Rabbit and Bear books, while others explore the deep connection between children and animals, like Michael Morpurgo’s Dolphin Boy.


Many of the stories explore true-to-life experiences, like the arrival of a new sibling in Sona Sharma: Very Best Big Sister, the departure from a familiar home in Anita and the Dragons or the tricky world of navigating friendships in On Sudden Hill. Others help to develop an understanding of feelings, like Ruby’s Worry, the beautifully illustrated Joy or Gaia Cornwall's Jabari Jumps, which explores fear and courage. For books that affirm the value of each individual, try the picture book poem You Matter or the intriguing interactive search-and-find book, Everybody Counts.


Picked out especially for enjoyable storytimes with 5-6 year olds, some of the books on the list lend themselves especially well to being read out loud. Rhyming books like Stick Man or I'm Sticking With You are great choices. Others offer a quick win for a super-fun story time full of zany laughter, like Will Mabbit’s whacky picturebook I Can Only Draw Worms, the tongue-twisting silly names in You’re Called What? or the witty humour of Simon Bartram’s Man on the Moon, which is always a big hit in the classroom. They have also included some classic stories for Year 1 on the list, such as David McKee’s marvellously playful Not Now Bernard and Jill Tomlinson’s much-loved The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark


A number of short, illustrated chapter books are included on the list. For story time read-alouds or class novels, try The Legend of KevinHarry the Poisonous Centipede or Fantastic Mr Fox. For newly independent readers looking for their first longer read, we recommend Isadora MoonThe Hat Full of Secrets or Rabbit and BearFor more chapter book ideas, be sure to check out our separate booklists listing recommended KS1 Storytime Chapter Books or First Chapter Books for Independent Reading.


You will also find on this list a range of age-appropriate non-fiction for Year 1, from the space-themed A Cat’s Guide to the Night Sky, to the inspirational biography of Captain Sir Tom Moore, to Yuval Zommer’s beautifully illustrated  The Big Book of Blooms.


Please take time to read the PDF document, which includes details of 50 recommended reads.

Share with us what your child is reading by communicating it in your child's reading diary - we love to hear the new titles that they are enjoying.