Outwoods Primary School


Our aim is to develop an inquisitive mind and a good understanding of the multi-cultural, multi- faith society we live in. We endeavour to enrich and prepare children for our diverse world and to enable them to appreciate all the wealth of joy and understanding this can provide. 

Children will explore different dimensions throughout the year starting with Initiation, Worship, Creation, Passing of Life, Texts and Artefacts, and Religion on the World Stage. Each of these topics will be explored using different faiths and perspectives and will be supported using artefacts and enrichment experiences such as church visits and other faith experiences. 

The development of the curriculum has been supported by Rev. Fr. Duncan of St John’s Church, Horninglow. He has been pro-active locally in developing an inter-faith network. This will be used in school to support teaching and to develop a greater understanding of the multi-faith community the school represents and serves. We aim to have different religious groups to come into school to share their religious knowledge and beliefs, which will be linked to festivals such as Easter, Eid and Diwali. These religious festivals and celebrations are representative of our school community and the wider local community. We want the children of Outwoods to be able to visit places of worship and significance through faith walks, and to understand different religious practices through interactive experience.

We will provide pupils with the opportunities to ask people of faith the questions they really want to ask and from this, gain the understanding of different rituals, symbolism and what it means to be a person of faith. We will give class peers opportunities to share their own understanding and family experience as to what, how and why they celebrate at different times of the religious calendar. Our pupils will be able to see, feel and experience different religious artefacts and understand their significance within different faiths. 

We aim to equip our children as global citizens through the promotion of a broad, experience-rich, RE curriculum. Children will develop self-awareness, tolerance and skills of analysis and judgement in relation to prejudice, discrimination and bias. 

An Outwoods pupil will want to be a positive member of the multi-cultural, multi-faith community we serve. They will leave Outwoods with a broad depth of religious knowledge, ready to take their next steps on their learning journey.