Outwoods Primary School

Pupil Premium

Statement of Intent

As a school and as part of our Trust, we endeavour to ensure that all children experience a rich education that comprises of high quality first teaching, accurate assessments to ensure a ‘keep up’ approach and a broad and balanced equitable curriculum that includes rich experiences and allows all strengths to be identified and developed.  This will facilitate our progress as a school in closing the gap in attainment between disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged youngsters and allows us to work towards proportional representation in achievement at the end of Key Stage 2.  We pride ourselves with how the equitable curriculum we provide develops independence, life and social skills and raises aspirations through career led learning alongside academic progress.  Provision for children is based on the needs and strengths of each young person so relative skills and experiences are offered.  The provision is evidenced through both formal and informal assessments.  Although this strategy is focussed on the disadvantaged, the priorities being worked on will benefit all of the children with the implementation of a whole school approach regarding equity throughout all aspects of the school and high quality teaching for all.