Outwoods Primary School

Saturday 13th April - Our Wonderful Volunteers

A huge thank you to everyone who came and supported us at our volunteering day.  We are so grateful for the dedication and hard work shown by members of our school community as well as our local community.  

What a difference we've made to our school environment!

There was an army of volunteers who descended upon our Nursery to improve the outdoor area.  The volunteers weeded, trimmed, cleaned and dismantled in order to create a blank canvas; this will allow us to progress with our exciting plans to make the outdoor environment even better for our little ones!  A roof was also felted on a structure to make it watertight for the children- thank you to our wonderful volunteer who donated extra felt in order to get the job done!

On the school field, our plans for a 'dead hedge' began.  Stakes created the outline of the hedge and these were infilled with dead branches, which were weaving around each other.  Our volunteers were extremely creative and artistic.

The 'dead hedge' on school grounds will provide a wonderful habitat that's full of life.  It is a  hiding place and nesting habitat for all sorts of creatures, as well as food for insects. 

As the dead hedge rots down, the nutrients are recycled back into the earth below, meaning your garden 'waste' needn't go into garden bins.  Our dead hedge will be an ongoing activity, which will be added to.

Volunteering Day - Saturday 13th April 2024