Outwoods Primary School

'Message in a Bottle Top' competition entry

Thank you for the overwhelming community effort to collect plastic bottle tops; in total, we collected a staggering 8,551. 

We are so proud of our entry, which was inspired by the children’s designs. 



Our bottle top design takes our audience on a trip around the continents.  More and more animals, birds, and other creatures are exposed to plastic waste every day, even inside protected areas.  This discarded plastic is having an impact on the health of animals around the world.

Our competition entry originated from the children’s designs:

Asia – Tiger  

Africa – Elephant 

North America – Brown bear 

South America – Tortoise 

Antarctica – Blue whale 

Australia – Green sea turtle 

Europe - Duck 

From plastic waste polluting every corner of the ocean, threatening marine wildlife, and even ending up in the seafood we eat… to a significant amount of plastic waste remaining on dry land, these animals can suffer from various forms of entanglements as well as accidental consumption, which can be deadly.   


Plastic pollution is on everyone’s doorstep and IT NEEDS TO STOP!


Keep your eyes peeled for our designs to appear around the school grounds…