Outwoods Primary School

Magical Mayhem visit Year 4

As the mystical magician waltzed into Year 4 on 6th November, a spark of curiosity danced in the air.  With a flick of his wand and a burst of unicycle, he introduced Leon and the enchanting realm between reality and imagination and a place where the children’s imaginations could run wild.  The children, wide eyed and spellbound, realised that this term would be full of magical adventures, truths and dares on their journey of belief.  They watched as Leon entered the place between full of secret incantations and marvellous experiences, joining in with the circus skills he saw.  Balancing peacock feathers and juggling created beaming faces along with many squeals of delight.  Finally, they saw Leon return to reality but with a belief in magic.  Now it’s time to put the magic into practise in their writing.  After all, who needs ordinary when you can have extraordinary in the place between?