Outwoods Primary School

Laches Wood Day 4

The torrential rain finally turned to a shower and the sun shone, which created the most beautiful rainbow over the centre.

The children have enjoyed an action packed day.  Activities included biking and orienteering, archery, the rock room and climbing, as well as high ropes.  Miss Payne conquered her fear of heights, along with the children, when she climbed the daunting steps to jump off the towering structure.

You've got to keep going even when you think you can't do it.  (Emilia - climbing wall)

It was brilliant and so much fun! (Archie - climbing wall)

It was really good fun - I've just got to push the pedals a bit more to get some momentum up the hill. (Shay)

It felt really good to ride the bike - I'm going to practise more when I get home.(Tabitha)

Tiredness is definitely setting in, but everyone is having the most fabulous time.