Outwoods Primary School

Equality Statement and Objectives

Equalities Objectives 

We are committed to meeting our responsibilities under the Equality Act 2010 eliminate discrimination and ensure equality of opportunity for all members of our school community.

Within our School Development Plan, we include specific and measureable equality objectives.  These are kept under review and progress is reported on annually.

Objectives from 2020 - 2023:

  • To continue to develop strategies to support all SEND and vulnerable learners to make good progress in the key areas appropriate to their stage of development.
  • To raise standards in reading to support pupils from vulnerable groups to make progress with comprehension skills so that they are comparable to their reading age.
  • To continue to raise standards in reading, writing and maths across the school, ensuring the gap in attainment between the disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged is narrowed.

We aim to ensure that our school, it’s ground and communication is accessible for all.

Further information can be found in the following school policies which can be found below.

Please click here to see our Equality Policy and here for the accessibility plan.