Outwoods Primary School

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club

School staff run our breakfast club every day; this club is very popular amongst our families, as this supports our working parents from Reception to Year 6.  It offers children a social environment to have breakfast with their peers and a range of activities and games are on offer. During the Spring/Summer term, we do provide opportunities for the children to be physically active on the school playground with a range of equipment. Breakfast club starts at 7.50am and costs £2.75 per child per day.  At the end of Breakfast Club, children are directed to their classrooms ready for the school day.

Payment for Breakfast Club should be made online using ParentPay, cash or cheques will not be accepted.  

Please email enquiries@outwoods.staffs.sch.uk with any ParentPay queries. Sessions should be paid for in advance. It is important that you keep on top of payments so you do not build up debt. Please talk to us if you have difficulty paying as you go.

The breakfast menu is in line with our school’s Healthy Food policy and consists of a choice of cereals served with semi-skimmed milk, apple or orange juice, toast or bread with low-fat spread and a choice of spreads. Please make sure Breakfast Club staff are aware of any food allergies.

Breakfast, provided by our catering company Mellors, is available to purchase at an additional cost. Please note that food is to be paid for in cash.


- Milkshake / Hydra Apple 50p

- Orange  Juice 30p

- Toast 25p

- Pancakes with syrup or sugar 30p each

- Cereals 30p

- Fruit 30p

- Yoghurt 30p


We do try to be as flexible as possible regarding places so that we can accommodate parents’ shift patterns.

Entry to Breakfast Club is directly from the main entrance into the hall. Once the children have arrived in the hall, they stay there until it is time for them to go to class.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.