Outwoods Primary School

Autumn Term 2021  

Outwoods is a great place to learn.  Difference does not matter; everyone is treated fairly. A - Year 6

I feel respected by the teachers and all children are very kind. M - Year 6

If I'm worried about anything then I know I could talk to my teachers or my lunchtime supervisor.  S - Year 5

If I get stuck, my teacher explains the learning again and supports me. H - Year 5

The learning in school can be hard at times but I like the challenge.  The going deeper yesterday really made me think.  J - Year 4

This school is the best - everything is fun! Q - Year 4

Outwoods is like a big family.  Everyone is kind, helpful and we all care about each other. S - Year 3

I love learning and when I am learning I am happy.  A - Year 3

The teachers care about me. T - Year 2

Every grown up in the school makes me feel safe. E - Year 2

I love our classroom.  It has lovely bright displays.  E - Year 1

I feel happy when I'm doing maths and English as it makes me smarter.  A - Year 1

I love reading and sharing books with my teacher.  H - Reception

I love playing on the hop scotch outside on the playground. F - Reception